Skyhawks' Operational Rules

Effective 7/4/2019

  1. All model operations shall be in accordance to the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Safety Code and applicable guidelines - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. Model flight activities take precedence to all other activities on this field.

  3. Use of this model field is permitted during daylight hours when the park is open to the public.

  4. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult and strictly supervised at all times.

  5. All model flight operations must adhere to the following:

    1. Pilots shall observe “No Fly Zones” as indicated on the site map in the kiosk. Do not fly any model beyond the tree line to the west. (toward the radio tower)

    2. Do not intentionally fly over, near, or beyond the south perimeter of the field (Behind flight station area).

    3. Fly from designated flight station area only. (see map)

    4. First-Person-View Operations shall be in accordance with AMA guidelines and utilize a spotter.

    5. Takeoffs and landings will be into the prevailing wind and parallel to or away from the flight line. Never, never, never take off toward the flight line. IF there is no wind, the landing and takeoff pattern shall be agreed amongst the pilots present and shall be from left-to-right or right-to-left and parallel to the flight line.

    6. Initial turn following takeoff shall be away from pilots and spectators (turn to the North).

    7. Sharing Air Space: Fixed-wing aircraft have priority unless those flying specifically yield airspace to helis or multi-rotors. Modelers take turns flying in a agreeable way. No more than four (4) models in the air at the same time. Maintain safe separation.

    8. Pilots shall request a slot to fly alone or with a group for special operation activities (e.g. combat, stunt flying).

    9. Limit individual flights to a maximum of 10 minutes unless a longer duration is agreed between others wishing to fly.

    10. When landing please yell out “Landing Left to Right (or Right to Left)” so that other pilots can give you a clear landing.

    11. When walking to retrieve a landed aircraft, yell out, "ON Field" so other pilots nearby are aware and can acknowledge your actions.

    12. In the event of an aircraft crash in the runway area while planes are in the air, you need to wait until all aircraft are on the ground before you attempt to recover the crashed aircraft.

  6. Spectators should stand behind and no closer than 25 feet to any pilot operating an aircraft until the aircraft is landed and the pilot indicates it is OK to approach.

  7. All models must have “Throttle Cut” or similar inhibit function and “Fail Safe” programed for each aircraft flown. The Safety Officer or his designee(s) have the authority to ask a pilot to demonstrate his/her “Fail Safe” operation.

  8. The Skyhawks Safety Officer has the authority to adjust the “Field and Flight Rules” as needed with approval of the Skyhawks Officers.

  9. Important contacts:

Parks and Recreation: (919) 557-2496

Police and Fire: (919) 552-7110

Your location: 2401 Grigsby Ave. (919) 557-2496