Skyhawk Flight Training

The HORIZON Flight School RC Flight Training program is the primary path to learning to fly with the Skyhawks. We train through an initial immersion with one focus - building quick confidence so you can safely take off and land your S.A.F.E.* equipped aircraft.

Our flight training is designed to give you the confidence to take-off, fly, and land a remote control airplane on your own. Our flight instructors are registered as Horizon Hobby Flight School Coaches and can assist you with your first flight of a new model. If you are starting to explore this hobby, we can provide advice regarding what models are most appropriate for your skill level.

Please consider purchasing a flight simulator to build flying skills when not with a flight coach. Our recommendation is RealFlight Trainer Edition from Horizon Hobby. Learn more here.

More information regarding the Flight School RC Flight Training program and Flight School qualified trainer aircraft are listed here. See our FAQ page for our recommendations.

Look for this sticker on the box of a plane you are considering.