Getting Started in RC Flying FAQ

LOOK for members with a GREEN badge label - they are Instructor Pilots and can provide assistance and instruction!

Fly with Us!

RC Flying is an enjoyable, positive hobby for people of all ages. There are no special skills required to enjoy the hobby. There are some tips when getting started that will make learning easier. The following information will help answer questions about getting into the hobby. The Holly Springs Skyhawks Radio Control Group and its members are always ready and willing to help you enjoy this great hobby. We have dedicated Instructor Members - ones with a GREEN member badge - and we are ready to assist!!!

Question: Do I need my own plane and equipment to start flying?

Answer: No, if you would like to get an introduction to flying the Skyhawks RC Group will be happy to let you try flying with the help of a club trainer

Question: How much does it cost to get into this hobby?

Answer: You can start off with a Ready To Fly (RTF) plane which includes all of your basic equipment (plane, transmitter, battery, charger). Here some that we recommend: HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF ($130), HobbyZone Mini Apprentice RTF for ($230), or the E-Flite Apprentice 15e RTF ($280).

Question: Can I learn on my own or do I have to have someone teach me?

Answer: With today’s technology you can learn at a much faster/easier rate than in the past. While you can learn on your own with a plane equipped with beginner assistance like the two planes mentioned above, if possible seek the help of an experienced pilot for your initial flights. Members of the Holly Springs Skyhawks are always eager to help new pilots. One thing that can help you learn is the use of a flight simulator. This is a computer program that you can practice flying with.

Question: Where can I fly my plane?

Answer: Some of the micro airplanes can be flown in a small space such as a park, ballfield, or even your backyard. We recommendd flying in an area that is designated for model flying. Fortunately, in Holly Springs there is a designated RC flying area located at Sugg Farm which is part of Bass Lake Park.

Question: Are there safety rules I should follow when flying my RC aircraft?

Answer: Yes, there are some simple safety rules that should be followed when flying your RC aircraft. The safety rules can be found at the link above "NATIONAL MODEL SAFETY CODE". Also, is another good resource for beginners.

Question: Is there a national organization for model aircraft?

Answer: Yes, the Academy of Model Aeronautics is the national organization for model aircraft in the United States (