Getting Started in Radio Control (RC)

Talk to us - FIRST!

We have a lot of experience and can help you make the best decision with regard to aircraft and equipment!!

IMPORTANT:  If you are planning to fly a model aircraft weighing more than 240 grams, then you are required by Federal Law to complete the following two steps prior to flying the aircraft:

Question:  What beginner aircraft do you recommend?

Answer:  The answer depends on your goals and budget.  What is your budget?  How committed are you to learning the skill to SOLO an RC aircraft.  SOLO means you can take off and land unassisted and do so with reasonable assurance your flight will not result in a crash.   We highly recommend (insist) that you start with a Ready To Fly (RTF) plane which includes all of your basic equipment (plane, transmitter, battery, charger).  

Our recommendations:  

Question:  Can I learn on my own or do I have to have someone teach me?

Answer:  Yes, BUT be prepared to crash - A LOT.   We strongly recommend you contact us to provide at least one session of flight instruction.  Depending on your skill level, and a recommended plane above, you will learn and build confidence very quickly.   There are more details regarding how we provide instruction here.

Question: What RC flight simulator do you recommend?

Answer:  The only one we recommend is RealFlight Evolution RC Flight Simulator with InterLink DX Controller.