Skyhawks Vinyl Decal

We've made arrangements with SoutherMissVinyl, an Etsy shop, to provide club members custom cut Skyhawks logos for use on your vehicle, airplane, gear, coffee mug, or whatever! Sizes can be selected from 3-10" tall along with color options so you can pick the one that you like best. (3" works well on cups, while 5-6" are great for a corner window decal and 8-10" work for a larger car decal or larger projects). FYI, Doug and Jason have the 6" x 6" size on their vehicles. The material is super high durability vinyl. You can order in many different colors too!

Use code THANKSATON to get 15% off your orders. Orders are paid to and handled directly with the Etsy vendor and will ship directly to you.

Our special listing page is here:

Let's all show our pride in our club! Thanks for all your support!

Skyhawks Face Mask

Handmade by a high school student right here in Holly Springs. Look fashionable and cool while hanging with the Skyhawks. Aviation themed and made to our exacting specifications! Not medical grade and does not have a provision for filtration media. This version has cloth ties. Only $12.