If you have ever wanted to learn to fly, now is your chance. We offer flight training designed to give you the confidence to take-off, fly and land a remote control airplane on your own. We use a club trainer (airplane) on a buddy box which allows you to have an instructor keep you in the air when you make a mistake. Once you have completed training, we will help you decide on the right equipment and plane that fits in your desired budget.

Price: FREE!

Official Skyhawks IntoPilot Training Manual - HERE

AMA Introductory Pilot Program - Request Sign Up HERE and a club Intro Pilot will get in touch with you.

New to the radio control hobby? Don’t fly alone, seek assistance from an experienced RC pilot. Have more fun! The Holly Springs Skyhawks has several club members who are designated as Introductory Pilot Instructors. There is NO FEE to receive the assistance of these instructors and you do not need to be a member of the Skyhawks or the Academy of Model Aeronautics to participate in the program. Here are the details:

  • A non-AMA member may fly at a chartered club site and receive member liability insurance protection as long as he/she is flying under the direct supervision of a club designated Introductory Pilot Instructor. 
  • The Introductory Pilot Instructor must hold a current AMA Open membership with the “Intro Pilot” classification. 
  • Supervised instruction must take place at an AMA chartered club’s site and must be closely supervised. The non-AMA member will have the same liability insurance coverage that other AMA members receive, solely while under the direct, one-on-one supervision of the Intro Pilot Instructor, for a period of 60 consecutive days starting from the first session. No other AMA benefits are provided to the non-AMA member. 
  • Participation in this program is on a onetime basis only. This program covers assisting new modelers through education and training activities only, and does not constitute permission to fly in any organized event of AMA members or clubs, sanctioned or otherwise. 
  • No AMA card will be issued to the non-AMA member during the 60 day introduction period. If the non-AMA member’s model is used, it should be carefully checked and the Intro Pilot Instructor should fly it until familiar with it. High performance aircraft should not be used for training. 
  • For radio control clubs, if the nonmembers radio is “buddybox” ready, its use is recommended. 
  • Policy limits for model aircraft are $2,500,000 per occurrence involving bodily injury and/or property damage. This coverage is provided as “excess” to other applicable coverage the non-AMA member, club or Intro Pilot Instructor may have including homeowners insurance. The $250 property damage claim deductible is waived by AMA and is not the responsibility of either the Introductory Pilot Instructor or the non-AMA member student during this training period. 
  • No liability protection is provided to the non-AMA member when flying away from the chartered club site, with or without the Intro Pilot Instructor. 
  • Neither AMA, the chartered club, nor the Intro Pilot Instructor shall be liable for any damage to a non-AMA member’s aircraft.